Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv, a city situated on the Mediterranean coast, is a unique cosmopolitan metropolis where new meets old with contemporary architecture, thousands of 1930’s Bahaus buildings clustered together in White City areas, and ancient buildings and streets. Tel Aviv offers a plethora of activities in the night: restaurants, music, bars culture, with yearly festivals and is known as “the city that never stops.”

Museums include Beit Hatfutsot, whose multimedia exhibits display the history of Jewish people worldwide. The Eretz Israel Museum shows the country’s archaeology, crafts and folklore, and features an on-location excavation of 12th-century-B.C. ruins. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art highlights European and Israeli modernism, with notable works by the famous impressionists Pablo Picasso. The city is also known for its accessible beaches and vibrant nightlife ranging from Lilienblum Street’s lounges to Dizengoff Street cafes. Tel Aviv Port’s waterfront promenade is lined with restaurants and shops, and the trendy Neve Tzedek neighborhood has high-end fashion boutiques. The metropolitan area includes the once-separate ancient port town of Jaffa, whose Old City is a maze of galleries, Crusader ruins, flea markets and minarets.

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High season Israel Tour periods include summer May–Aug, when the weather is more humid and hot, and Jewish holidays such as Passover (Mar/Apr, dates vary) and the Jewish Holy Days (Sep/Oct, dates vary), during which many restaurants, shops and museums close or operate with limited hours. Winters are mild, with some rain. Key events include the Tel Aviv Marathon (Feb), Pride Parade in Jun, and White Night in Jun featuring all-night concerts, art shows and an illuminated White City.

Travelers from North America typically stay 2-3 days and up to a week.

Current weather for the week:

Average monthly temperatures:


Low / High


January 49° / 64° 33%
February 50° / 65° 26%
March 53° / 67° 21%
April 58° / 73° 7%
May 63° / 76° 1%
June 69° / 81° 0%

Low / High


July 73° / 85° 0%
August 74° / 86° 0%
September 72° / 84° 0%
October 66° / 80° 8%
November 58° / 74° 20%
December 52° / 66° 29%


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