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The heart and soul of our tours is our guides. All our guides have years of experience and are government certified licensed professionals who receive regular praises from our clients testimonials, "Our tour guide was a true blessing," says Jeffrey W. Stentz. “The guides where fabulous. Very Knowledgeable,” says Rachel Veerman, and “The guides, George, Osama, Isaac, for each country were very educated. Willing to answer any question,” says Chris Balgemann. Meet our Israel and Holy Land tour guides for an experience of a lifetime you’ll never forget!

Israel Tour Guide

Jerry Lepre

Born in New Jersey, U.S.A., and raised outside the Cleveland area. Jerry served in the United States military and was attached to the United Nations in Bosnia, participating in Operations SFOR and Blue Shield.

Jerry has managed and owned several businesses, in Israel and America. He has lived in Israel more than 11 years and has an infectious passion for the Bible, history, and ancient and modern cultures. He lives in Modiin, the city of the Maccabee’s, with his wife and three children.

Jerry loves hiking all over Israel and has hiked more than half of the Israel Trail, which is over 900 km, including the highest Mountain in Israel, Mount Hermon. He also has a love for cross country, as well as exploring famous battle sites.

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Tour Guide for Israel

Mark Deckelbaum

Mark has been guiding for over 20 years. He is originally from Montreal Canada. He has guided the full range of tours to Israel, but his specialty is the pilgrim and the use of the Bible for understanding the Holy Land. The excitement he feels from his guests about this land always reinforces the reasons he chose to make his life in Israel.

He has taken added courses dealing with Christian tours to Israel. He has also worked with Jewish groups, businessmen, political tours, university groups, and individuals. He is married, has three children, and lives in Jerusalem.

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Tour Israel with Guide

Isaac Karasenti

With over 24 years of experience guiding tours in Israel since 1992. For him every tourist, pilgrim, and person visiting Israel is very important. Therefore Isaac says, "It's a pleasure and duty, to share with the people that I guide, my love and passion for this land- the Land of Milk and Honey, and it's a privilege to make the people who tour with me happy, satisfied and very good ambassadors of Israel."

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Best Israel Touring Guides

Tito Anidjar

Tito is 59 years of age, married to Iris and father of two boys aged 20 and 16, he lives in Tel Aviv. Tito's family emigrated to Israel about 40 years ago from Casablanca, Morocco. His father's tongue is Spanish, and his mother's tongue is French and of course Tito is fluent in English. After school he served 3 years in the IDF as tank driver on Golan Heights. At 21 years old he went to the Ministry of Tourism guides school and Tito has been a guiding ever since. Over the years Tito has specialized in Christian denominations and theology.

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Tour Guide for Israel

Marion Forster-Bleiberg

Marion was born in Belgium and immigrated (made Alyah) to Israel in 1978 to study for a B.A at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She studied International Relations and English Literature and, after that, took the Israeli Guide course and received her guide license in 1984.

She became a Israel tour guide early on after graduating , motivated by her passion for the Land Israel, its people , its history, archeology and sites. It’s this passion that motivates Marion to share her love with the many tourists from abroad she has had the privilege to guide. After moving to Los Angeles where she lived for 12 consecutive years, Marion came back to Israel and went back to her true passion: sharing her love of Israel with visitors from abroad.

She has guided and escorted groups from all around the world and from very different backgrounds, both in English and in French, with a special emphasis both in Christianity and Current events. Marion works with individuals, families and groups, as well as journalists and Official Political delegations. Marion resides in Herzlyia on the Coast is married and has 2 sons, Daniel and Ariel. Her favorite areas of Israel are the Judean desert and the Golan Heights.

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Egypt Tour Guide

George Onsy

George was born in July 1979 in Egypt and is an Egyptologist. He studied four years in a Cairo Egyptian University for his degree. George also studied English at AUC (the American University in Cairo).

Since graduating he has worked as an Egyptian tour guide traveling all over Egypt teaching and showing the history of his country, the history of more then 7,000 years- the most ancient civilization in the world, “Where it all Began.” He welcomes you to Egypt, where he is eagerly waiting to guide you in the land he loves.

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Israel Tour Reviews

Israel tour reviews from real customers Michele P.

I put myself in this tour's hands with nothing but blind faith, and this tour and guides exceeded every expectation, daily. You name it, we saw it, with ease. Strongly recommended. Great tour, great value.

Holy Land tour people reviews Rachel V.

Truly an amazing vacation and experience! I highly recommend the Footsteps of Christ Holy Land tour. The guides were fabulous. Very knowledgeable. A visit to the Dead Sea and Petra are a must. Exceeded all my expectations.

Israel tours reviews James L. III

My wife and I also very much enjoyed our time with our tour guide. He has a profound wealth of knowledge! His insight into the Hebrew language, cultural, and historical aspects of the places we visited is invaluable.

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